How to get a non voip number for any service for upto 31 days

Getting a phonenumber rental trough SMSPool

Why should I get a rental?

If you care about your anonymity it's important to get a rental in order to disguise your phonenumber. These numbers are non VoIP and will help you disguise yourself even further, you can use them for different types of verifications such as ebay SMS verifications and google sms verifications, or even for your craigslist verifications.

Tips and tricks for getting a rental

Make sure you have the service by hand so you can use the number instantly! For EU numbers you have to send a SMS within 20 minutes for it to work, for US numbers it is not necessary.

Depositing money to your account

Make sure to have balance topped up at SMSPool to create an account to get a non voip rental number, a rental costs at least $13 as the minimum price.

How to order a non voip EU or US rental number

Head to our SMSPool dashboard, on the left hand side you will see a navigation bar with a option called Rent Phone, you can rent your phone here; or press here to be directed to the non voip rental page

Selecting your options

Choose your preferred country and the time you want to rent it, I personally suggest the US non VOIP rentals as they work the best!

Ordering your rental

After making your choices, press the order button and the page shall refresh and show a new rented number in the "Current Rentals" tab below the order page.

And now you're done! It's just that easy to get a rental in less than a minute! If you have any issues you're free to contact support as any time!

Don't feel that comfortable paying yet? Feel free to test our free sms verifications , but ofcourse our paid service would give you the maximum potential.